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Phrases double-dealing fellows!

Task 3.  "Phrases double-dealing fellows" It is necessary to guess the ciphered phrase.
1  .  All to a dog Christmas.  Every day isn't Sunday.  )
2  .  Lighter adult tool.  (Matches to children not toy.  Игры для девочек! )
3 . I didn't transfer to a fox of lines a cheese block. (God sent to a crow a cheese slice. )
4  .  In the field the blade was lost.  (In the wood the fir-tree was born.  )
5   .   Cat – the enemy of a monkey.   (A dog – the friend of the person.   )  

1 . How the highest ocean wave is called? (tsunami)
2 . How the strongest wind is called? (hurricane)
3 . Call the highest grass. (bamboo, 30-40 meters)
4 . Call the thickest tree on Earth. (baobab)
5 . Call the biggest desert. (Sahara)
6 . Call the highest tree. (eucalyptus)
7 . Call the biggest falls. (Niagara)
8 . The most long-legged animal. (giraffe)
9 . Russian toy most popular in world. (nested doll)
10 . The shortest day in a year. (on December 22)

1 . Call a bird and the fruit, having the identical name (kiwi)
2 . How the collection of specially collected and dried plants is called? (herbarium)
3 . Who sleeps under the ears? (hare)
4 . What flower call "the last smile of fall"? (aster)
5 . There is a sea in which don't sink not able even not to float. Call it. (Dead Sea, it very salty)
6 . When temperature of a sparrow is higher: in the winter or in the summer? (it is permanent)
7 . In what the main difference of sight of a dog from sight of the person? (dogs distinguish two colors: black and white)
8 . The house spirit living in the neighbourhood with the person in his dwelling. (brownie)
9 . What sport call "queen"? (track and field athletics)
10 . In what language doctors write out recipes? (on Latin)

  Participants are offered to write the poem, using the offered rhymes.
1)  Hippopotamus – the helicopter.
     Hours – scales.
                       2) Vase – the phrase.
                           Spoon – an ear ring.

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